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Now... let's see a show of hands.

Who wants to watch Pathology but can't wait until September 23rd?

Wait no more!

Good quality too :)


Pics and video (download link) HIGH QUALITY from Milo's butt scene in Pathology:


Definitely mature content, beware! 

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UK DVD Release

Pathology is due to be released in the UK on 04/08/08. Information found on play.com.
Here's the link.
No word yet on when it will be released in the UK, Amazon.com hasn't changed yet. But Amazon.co.uk will deliver to the US it just costs a little bit more for the postage.

YouTube videos

You guys have probably seen these already, but won't do any harm posting them?

Pathology interviews x 2Collapse )

I'm so pissed off that I won't be able to see the movie like... ever? It surely won't come to the theatres here in Finland and I'm gonna kill somebody (...and have those sexy ass pathologists find out how I did it) if they don't release the DVD either. Not that it would even be released in like a million years.

Okay bye.

More Links to Post Reviews

I highly recommend that you make a posting to Rotten Tomatoes

frellingblonde also added Amazon.com to the list, too.

Both get a lot of traffic so all the reviews we can get on them, the better!

Pathology Review 3 stars

I keep telling everyone...this is a good movie and not just b/c i'm a Milo fan. Here you go, it's either Chicago Tribune or a quote Los Angeles Times review...not sure which.


Pathology's Out! Now What?

I e-mailed Mark Neveldine again for some ideas about what we should do now. Pathology's first weekend was less than stellar. Now, considering it only had 46 screens for 50,000 USD (that's about 1100 USD per theatre), that's not too bad.

So what we can do:

Continue writing letters and calling MGM and Lakeshore.

Get the word out on message boards. Write reviews. Keep the hype up.

The following are some websites you should check out:

Pathology on Yahoo
Pathology on Fandango
Pathology on IMDB
MGM's official Pathology trailer
Lakeshore's Pathology on MySpace
Bloody Disgusting Review

When it comes to giving ratings, be sure to give the movie a high one.

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Official Pathology Vid on YouTube

MGM put the official Pathology vid up. Please view this vid, leave a comment, and rate it as well!
Is there any particular place you'd like to see Pathology get advertised? Post the link!

For instance, I'd love to see MySpace advertise Pathology. You can send them an e-mail to smp@myspace.com to tell them this, too!

It would be nice for Attack of the Show to have a segment on Pathology. I don't know if this is planned, but I sent an e-mail to webmaster@g4media.com, G4's e-mail for site bugs. Just did some more search and I came up with webmaster@g4tv.com.

I have some G4 phone numbers for advertising, too:

Los Angeles New York Chicago Detroit

323.954.2400 212.852.5100 312-609-3300 248.594.0707

And, finally, the place to send story ideas to: stories@g4tv.com

If you think of another place, please post it here.

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Write In to MGM and Lakeshore

So the list of the theatres playing Pathology is up. Sadly, given how MGM and Lakeshore is handling this movie, Pathology is only getting 100 screens NATIONWIDE.

If it isn't playing by you, it's time to let MGM and Lakeshore know that this is unacceptable!


Direct phone and mail correspondence to Charles Cohen, the Executive Vice President of the company:

Mr. Charles Cohen
Executive Vice President
MGM Television Entertainment
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067


At Lakeshore:

Direct phone and mail correspondence to Tom Rosenberg, the CEO of Lakeshore. There is also Gary Lucchesi, the President of Lakeshore:

Lakeshore Entertainment Group
9268 West Third Street
Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

P: [310] 867-8000
F: [310] 300-3015


Please drop a note here once you have placed a phone call, sent a letter, or an e-mail.

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