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Pathology Theatres

Got this straight from Mark Neveldine. He says that there are a few more too, which he doesn't have, and that the movie gets a wide release in England this weekend. Please spread this information where you can. Also, please, please, please, please, please if you have an UK friends, persuade them to go see the movie this weekend! :D

West Side AMC 84th St. Sixplex
Times Square AMC Empire 25
Kips Bay AMC Kips Bay15
Sheepshead Bay Regl UA Sheepshead 14
Farmingdale Regl UA Farmingdale 10
Paramus AMC Garden State 16
34th Street West AMC 34th Street 14

Century City AMC Century 15
Hollywood Mann Chinese Complex 6
West Hollywood PACF Grove Stadium 14
Santa Monica AMC Broadway Cinema 4
West Regl EDWD Stadium 26
Universal City AMC Citywalk Stadium 19
Burbank AMC Burbank 30
Woodland Hills AMC Promenade 16
Orange/Block AMC 30 at Block 30
Irvine-Spectrum Regl EDWD Spectrum 21

Michigan Ave AMC 600 N. Michigan Avenue 9
South Barrington AMC South Barrington 30
Warrenville AMC Cantera 30
Evanston CNMK Evanston 12
Niles Kers Village Crossing 18

Riverview Regl UA Riverview Plaza 17
Bensalem AMC Neshaminy 24
Hamilton AMC Hamilton 24
Cherry Hill AMC Cherry Hill 24

Downtown AMC Metreon IMAX 15
Union City Cent Union Landing 25
Dublin Regl Hacienda Crossing 20
Daly City Cent Daly City 20


Downtown AMC-Boston Common
Framingham/Natick AMC Framingham 16
Danvers/Peabody AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20
Revere NAM Showcase Cinemas 20

Central AMC Northpark 15
Plano East CNKM Legacy 24
N.E. Garland AMC Firewhile 18
Mesquite South AMC Mesquite 30
Frisco AMC Stonebriar 24


Alpharetta REGL UA North Point Market 8
Kennesaw AMC Barrett Commons 24
Southlake AMC Southlake 24
Lawrenceville-East AMC Colonial 18
Chamblee REGL Hollywood @ N. I-85 24

Central REGL Hoyt Carousel 19

Watertown, NY
Watertown REGL Salmon Run Mall 8

Icons and banners

Hi! As promised, I made a few icons and banners to help you spread the word around about Pathology... hope you like them!

See them all here!Collapse )

Apr. 3rd, 2008

i made some banners and thing to advertise teh film. Mine are no-where near as good as 
 so i willunderstand if no-one wants to use them. i just thought i would give it ago.
Anyway if there was any chance on using them please credit me, thanks.

Anyway here they are:
I've made the following banners in order to promote Milo's upcoming movie Pathology, being released on April 18th. Since the movie is a limited release, it's up to us, the fans, to make sure people go see it enough to get a full release! And yeah, I don't know the proper terms and whatnot.


Please credit dracosgoddess, comment if you'd like, and do NOT hotlink!
Animated Banners Behind the Cut!Collapse )

Let's Get the Ball Rolling!

The most important thing to do is to hype this movie up. Hype it to websites (like MySpace! Tell MySpace that they should showcase Pathology on their front page), to people in your day-to-day life, people online, in videos, in blogs, everywhere. Graphical people would be helpful too. Have icons, banners, images that advertise the film. Foxsyd, of Milo_Fans on LJ, recommends that you post the poster with the link. You can find her recommendation here: here

It's important that people attend the opening weekend. The movie's in a dire situation: in the US, it's facing a limited release. This translates to 100 screens nationwide. This is unacceptable! But if it does well in its opening weekend, it could garner more screens.

Come Join the MySpace!

I just set up a MySpace Group for Pathology: COME JOIN!

Watch This Space!

So it's by fluke that this comm was made. foxsyd said I should do it and I couldn't say no!

You might or might not know by now about Milo's new movie, Pathology. It's done by Neveldine and Taylor, the same two guys behind Crank and the upcoming Game and Crank 2. The important thing to know is that it is being released on April 18th, in limited release. This is no good and we must change that! The way to change that of course is to get this movie a good showing!

We're open to suggestions, but one way to do that right now is by making graphics which advertise Pathology and use them where ever you talk to other fans, on your LJ, MySpace, everywhere else! Feel free to post new ideas, blog posts about the movie, information on the two writers Neveldine and Taylor, and anything else that is pertinent to this film.


Pathology - Where you will be April 18th!
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